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Print, cut and use FREE Tags for your valuable and invaluable items

What do we do at IamLost.co?

How many times have your or someone you know, lost a valuable item and wished that someone would return it?

Wish you or someone you know doesnt have to keep buying the same costly item again after losing a valuable item?

On the environmental level, we wish to keep items out of landfills and you having to buy the same item again.

IamLost.co is solving this issue by providing tags that you can print or purchase and stick to your valuable items or invaluable items.

After you register the tag at our site, if someone finds your lost item and wants to return it, they can contact you using IamLost.co.

We will forward their information and message to you to faciliate the item to be returned to you.

For all free tags, you would need to arrange with the finder a way for them to return it to you.

All free tags will expire 5 years after date of registration. You can generate new tags anytime.

For all paid tags, we would contact the finder and have the item returned to you.

All paid tags never expire and are lifelong until the tags are broken.

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